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5 Training Mistakes Slowing Down the Progress of Youth Soccer Players

Soccer legend Johan Cruyff could not have said it any better: "Soccer is simple." Nowadays, however, this profound message seems to be lost. Especi...

By: Erica Suter

Why Isometric Strength Exercises Are Perfect for Very Young Athletes

Strength training for young athletes is a very popular subject right now. Teaching an athlete the importance and value of strength training from a ...

By: Brandon Holder

5 Rules for Running a Successful High School Strength and Conditioning Program

There are over 35,000 high schools across America. Most feature some sort of strength and conditioning program meant to enhance the performance of ...

By: J.T. Kotowski

Why Every Baseball Player, Regardless of Age, Should Care About Their Launch Angle and Exit Velocity

Launch angle. It's a term that was barely uttered five years ago, yet it's quickly become one every modern baseball player needs to know. Launch...

By: Brandon Hall

Help a Youth Athlete Separate From the Competition With These 3 Simple Strategies

Youth sports are bigger now than they've ever been. With that follows more competition to make varsity and travel teams and slimmer odds of earning...

By: Jennifer Foust

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Erik Phillips’ Youth Training Philosophy

Owner of SportXcel and S+C coach for the Phoenix Suns Erik Phillips discusses his training philosophy for younger athletes and how it coincides with his training for the pros.

Youth Invatational 2004

Me balling at Heathrow Youth invatational 2004, wrong date on footage, it says 2002