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Why Playing Tag Is an Awesome Way for Youth Athletes to Build Speed, Agility and Awareness

Developing speed and agility in young athletes doesn't have to be complicated. While there are enormous amounts of drills and exercises designed to...

Why Every Baseball Player, Regardless of Age, Should Care About Their Launch Angle and Exit Velocity

Launch angle. It's a term that was barely uttered five years ago, yet it's quickly become one every modern baseball player needs to know. Launch...

New Study Reveals the Most Important Attribute for Soccer Success

A new study from the University of Queensland used analytic techniques to determine the impact a soccer player's size, skill, speed, strength, enduran...

The Lethal Pass-Rush Move That Fueled Adrian Clayborn's Historic Six-Sack Game

Atlanta Falcons defensive end Adrian Clayborn entered yesterday's game against the Dallas Cowboys with 22.5 career sacks. He finished the game with 28...

Why Otto Porter Jr. Didn't Play AAU Basketball (And Believes He's Better Because of It)

Otto Porter Jr. didn't play AAU basketball. That makes the 24-year-old Washington Wizards forward something of an anomaly in today's NBA. Almost al...

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Andy Alleman: Fundamental Offensive Line Skills

Andy Alleman, offensive lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs, talks about the skills needed to play the position efficiently.

Milan Lucic on Protecting the Puck Along the Boards

Boston Bruins left winger Milan Lucic discusses the importance of protecting the puck along the boards and how important it is to control the puck in the offensive zone.

Sacha Kljestan on Set Pieces

MLS midfielder for Chivas USA Sacha Kljestan discusses the importance of set pieces and how they can be a huge difference in a game when taking or defending them.

J.J. Redick Catch and Shoot Drill

In this basketball training video, Orlando Magic guard, J.J. Redick, explains and performs his Catch and Shoot drill.

J.J. Redick 5-Shot Close Out Shooting Drill

In this basketball training video, Orlando Magic guard, J.J. Redick, explains and performs his 5-Shot Close Out shooting drill.