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Get a Massive Pump With This Muscle Isolation Workout

Complement Off-Season Conditioning with this Stimulating Full-Body Workout Comprising Single-Joint Exercises By Jim Carpentier, CSCS Though multi-joint...

3 Exercises to Prepare For Ruck March

3 Exercises for Ruck Marches Ruck marches are a necessary part of military training. It is also becoming a popular trend in fitness. I personally go for...

How to Increase Bench Press Weight: A 5-Step Guide and Training Program

how to increase bench press Get ready to pile on the plates and smash PRs with this bench press program designed by Drexel University fitness director,...

3 Effective Alternatives to Olympic Weightlifting Lifts

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This Shrug Variation Builds Strong Traps, Forearms and Core Muscles

Your trapezius muscles are one of the first things your opponents size up to judge your level of strength. As a competitive athlete, you obviously w...

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DB Squat, Shrug, Calf Raise

DB Squat, Shrug, Calf Raise

Jon Conway Band Pull-Apart with Dumbbell Shrug

New York Red Bulls goalkeeper, Jon Conway, performs the band pull-apart with dumbbell shrug with coaching from Mark Williams.

Paul Martin Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift Shrug

In this hockey training video, NHL stud Paul Martin gives us a look into his off-season training at the University of Minnesota. Paul Martin uses training exercises to gain strength for hockey.