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Train Your Body's 'Slings' to Increase Throwing and Striking Power

Four Exercises for Throwers and Strikers Overhead and striking athletes are always looking for ways to improve their athletic activities in the weight...

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10 Things the Strongest Athletes in the Weight Room Have in Common

On every team—or in a weight room—there's always a group of athletes who are stronger than the pack. It might seem like these athletes were gifted...

By: Andy Haley

6 Types of Exercises That Will Help You Get Faster

There's a saying in sports that speed kills. It kills anyone who doesn't have it. This holds true for any athletic event, whether its sprinting in a...

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6 New Ways You Can Challenge Your Body and Get Stronger With AXIUS Core

AXIUS Core is one of the most unique and versatile pieces of training equipment that we've seen hit the market in recent years. At first, it seems ...

By: Andy Haley

3 Popular Core Exercises a Pro Athlete Would Never Do (And What to Do Instead)

"As an athlete, period, your core is like the friggin' engine. It triggers everything, it gets everything going. Guys can be as big as they want in th...

By: Brandon Hall

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