Books are a source of information and inspiration for student-athletes seeking new ways to improve their performance. Instructional books help athletes learn sport-specific skills and strategies; proper methods for improving strength, speed and power; and other aspects, such as mental training, injury rehabilitation and team building. Both fiction and non-fiction books, whether in print or electronic form, offer inspiring stories about the best athletes, teams and events in the history of sports. Find books that interest you and that will help you improve your athletic performance.

Latest in Books

An Athlete's Review of 'The Golden Rules' by Michael Phelps' Coach Bob Bowman

Swim coach Bob Bowman has worked with Olympians, Paralympians and arguably the greatest Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps. The current head coach o...

By: Kyle Scadlock

Why 'All-In' Is a Great Read for Young Athletes

Howard Ferguson's book The Edge used motivational quotes from professional athletes to inspire a generation of future athletes to reach their full p...

By: Cameron Fields

Novel 'Knight of the Purple Ribbon' Is an Action-Packed Journey

The book "Knight of the Purple Ribbon: A Novel (Baron de Graffenried's Colonial Adventures)" is a historic read based on the real life adventures of the...

By: SkywordNews

Book '1:59' Examines the Sub-Two-Hour Marathon

The new athletic guide by Dr. Philip Maffetone, entitled 1:59: The Sub-Two Hour Marathon Is Within Reach—Here's How It Will Go Down, and What It...

By: SkywordNews

NFL Linebacker's Memoir Provides Inspiring Account of Battle With Cancer

What it Takes: Fighting for My Life and My Love of the Game is a new autobiography by NFL linebacker Mark Herzlich. As a junior at Boston College...

By: SkywordNews

Latest Videos in Books

How Dwight Freeney Tackled Syracuse Schoolwork

Dwight Freeney, Pro Bowl defensive end for the Indianapolis Colts, talks about his academic experience at Syracuse and the support he received in tackling the schoolwork.

How Cliff Louis Takes Academics Seriously

Cliff Louis, New York Giants tackle, talks about the importance of hitting the books and getting an education.

Cliff Louis on Choosing a Focus of Study in College

New York Giants tackle Cliff Louis explains how he chose his major in college and how it helped him decide what school he wanted to attend.

LeCharles Bentley on Academic Success

Former NFL Pro Bowl center LeCharles Bentley talks about how getting it done in the classroom will benefit you later on in life.

Time Management Tips From Luol Deng

Luol Deng, former Duke "big man on campus," shares some tips on how to balance books and ball while in college.