Perform These 3 Movements Every Morning to Increase Energy and Athleticism

Squeezing mobility work into your busy morning routine might sound like a hassle, but it can takes less than three minutes if done the right way.

Every athlete wakes up with aches and pains from their training during the week. The easiest way to fix this issue is to take care of your mobility and flexibility early in the morning and allow your body to be warmed up for the rest of your day and into training. Squeezing mobility work into your busy morning routine might sound like a hassle, but it can takes less than three minutes if you utilize the right combination of movements. Perform each of the following three exercises for roughly 30 seconds each morning and you'll be amazed at how your energy and athleticism increase.

1. Lateral Leg Swings

  • Standing a few feet away from the wall, place both hands on the wall at about shoulder height.
  • Stand on one leg and gently swing the other leg across your body, gradually swinging it as high as you can. Stay loose and relaxed throughout the movement and don't hold any tension in your lower trunk.
  • Swing for 30 seconds on one leg and then switch sides and repeat.

2. Deep Squat Hold

  • Perform a basic Bodyweight Squat, keeping your feet flat and pushing your hips back as you lower towards the ground.
  • Continue to lower yourself past parallel and settle into the deepest Squat you can. Keep your elbows inside of your knees.
  • A lot of people fall backwards on this Squat, so it's OK to have something sturdy to grab onto in front of you just in case.
  • Hold the deepest depth of your Squat for 30 seconds and move on to the next move!

For more info on the Deep Squat Hold and why it's so beneficial, check out this article.

3. Latissimus Release

This is a fantastic way to address restrictions in the Latissimus and Serratus anterior (back and ribs section of body). Addressing those restrictions can greatly increase your shoulder and overhead mobility.

  • Find open space on a floor.
  • Place a hard ball just on the edge of the Latissimus for this movement.
  • Work your way through flexion of the arm and adduction (arm across the body). This means bringing the arm straight overhead as well as across the body. Follow this pattern for 30 seconds on each side of your body.

Any ball can be used but I recommend a flat-base ball such as an Acumobility ball for this exercise.

If you complete these three movements, your athletic performance will increase and you will instantly be moving better. I recommend following this program each morning right after you get out of bed for the most effective approach to your training program.

Photo Credit: FluxFactory/iStock